Meant To Be

by Burris

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The debut full length album from Baton Rouge based jazz/rock septet Burris. Released on October 2, 2015.

Album art painted by: Hanna Lemoine
Photographs by: Nicholas Martino
Digital design by: Tanner Simoneaux


released October 2, 2015

Chris Hochkeppel - Guitar & Vocals
Robert Kling - Bass
Scott Graves - Drums
Matt Murray - Percussion
Ben Herrington - Keys
Kevin McMann - Saxophone
Anton Zholondz - Violin & Vodka

Jerry Lejeune - Recording & Mixing
Andrey Gurinov - Mixing & Mastering
Julian Primeaux - Guitar Technician

Produced By:
Jerry Lejeune
Jeremy Toll
Andrey Gurinov



all rights reserved


Burris Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Burris comprises founder/songwriter/vocalist Christopher Burris Hochkeppel, along with a rotating cast of collaborators including drummer Tyler Hanson, Pianist Ben Herrington, Bassists Stephen Bohnstengel, Saxophonist Kevin McMann, and Violinist Anton Zholondz. The nationally touring band has performed at French Quarter Fest, Festival International, Bethlehem's Musikfest and more. ... more

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Track Name: Mother Nature
Mother Nature’s got it right
Every time she shines her big blue light down on me.
You know I’m feeling fine
When I walk outside to see blue skies.
Blue skies and sunshine.

Those three birds perched on my doorstep
Saying don’t you dare walk into town wearing that frown.
Just look above you.
Look up high to see blue skies.
Blue skies and sunshine.

Just look around and you will find
The world is beautiful just use your eyes.
There’s green and blue and roses red too
So many wonderful things for you to do.

There are demons in these times
But just like everything around you they are a part of this life
So live it right.
Watch as the birds grab your troubles and take flight
Off into blue skies.
Blue skies and sunshine.
Track Name: Dance
Come on pretty lady
Wont you clap your hands?
I see you standing lonely
Let me show you how to dance.
I know that you don’t know me
And you’ve never seen my face.
But watch me grab your hands
And take you to another place.

I’ll lift you up and dip you down
And twirl you round and round.
I’ll crank that yank and soldier boy
And twerk you upside down.
I see you smiling
Throwing your best moves right back at me.
You’re laughing and you’re screaming
Got me saying “Oh baby!”

You move so smooth and slow.
It sends a chill right through my bones.
I want you to know
I can love you, but Ill always love to dance

Oh mamacita
Cant you see(ta)
What you do to me(a)
When you groove(a)
You move so smooth and slow(a)
I’ve got to have ya.
Track Name: Glow
I’m yearning. It’s burning
This feeling inside my mind.
I’m standing and staring.
Always wanting the light.

I’ll go. I must.
I need it. It feeds me.
The glow. The rush.
It’s filling me up inside.

Don’t you think twice
Of holding me back this time.
Finally it’s nice to
Have them along for the ride.

We’ll go. We must.
We need it. It feeds us.
The glow. The rush.
It’s filling us up inside.
Track Name: It Hurts
You see him walk by tonight.
A short glance out of his left eye.
It seems like everywhere you go he’s there.
You’d talk but you cannot bear.
Like he even cares.

It hurts because you can’t let him go
But you know you must.
Yet he won’t leave your mind alone.
It’s all alright my friend
It will soon come to an end.

You feel her looking at you.
There’s not much left for you to do.
It seems like everywhere you go she’s there.
You said move on, fair is fair.
We can’t fix this tear.

It hurts because she can’t let you go
But you know she must.
Yet she won’t leave your world alone.
It’s all alright my friend.
It will soon come to an end.
I know you’ve seen the worst
And right now it hurts.

Keep on. Be Strong.
Track Name: Burning Rays
My dear I see you in that dress.
Your hair flowing down to your knees
You bite your lips and I am thinking “Oh baby please.”
Oh dear I must confess
I’ve been thinking about leaving, never coming back
But now I see you and all I can think is that

I’ve got to have you
You drive me crazy baby.
I really need you
I wont take no or maybe.
I’ve got to have you
You drive me crazy baby
I swear to god I wont take “No.”

I’ve got to have more of you.
You are my sun and I am soaking up your burning rays.
I can’t stop loving you.
I guess I’ll have to put off trying to run away.
Oh, how do you do this to me.
You keep pulling me back. How can it be?
Oh, I swear I’m down on my knees.
I want more!

My love you and me are like
A burnt out flame that’s been put down
But is still shining bright.
I feel no warmth but I still scream from heat inside.
I gets more confusing everyday.
I don’t think I’d have it any other way
And it’s driving me insane!
Track Name: Morning Light
I saw your face as you left this place
And I'd hoped it was a drean
There are no words that I haven't heard
That you could say to me
Go out alone
You go get stoned
And you never come home

So I'll be drinking alone tonight
And I'll see you in the morning light.

The road is dark without your spark
But I know what I've got to do.
Take my time and try to find
A vision of something new
You go out with a bang
You petrify my brain
With your tricks and your silly little games

So I'll be drinking alone tonight
I might not make it to the morning light

As the room closes in on me
I've almost lost my mind
And I know, however far we go
That fate will find a way in time
You go out alone
You go get stoned
And you never come home

So I'll be drinking alone tonight
And I'll see you in the morning light.
Track Name: A
Hold your head a little higher now.
You’ve got a lot left to see anyhow.
One big city hanging by a tree
You could take a bite and spit out all the seeds.

You were always one to chase your dreams
No matter how far they may seem.
You could hang the world up by a string
All you’ve got to do is sing.

Don’t let those city lights
Blind your mind from what’s right.
Don’t let your hopes get down
When the ropes are tied around
This tangled life that we lead.
You could cut the knots and set your spirit free.

It’s down the stairs and down the tracks.
It’s so much easier when you don’t look back.
Live every day like it’s your dying day
Then you can finally say you’re on your way.
Track Name: I'm Alright
The light show, and added glow
Illuminates a face that I don’t know.
You stood there pretty in pink.
Looked at me and said “what do you think?”
I said “Hey girl” with an attitude
“Got a new pair of shoes I’m gunna dance with you.”
You said “Hey boy hear that sound? I’m gunna turn your world around.”

It hit me slow, but now I know.

I’m alright. Feeling fine.
All it took was one look in your eyes
To ease this troubled heart of mine.
Now I’m alright.
I’m alright. Just in time.
You have eased my heart and mind.
You pointed me towards the light.
Now I’m alright.

It’s all a haze. A blurry daze.
A lovely tangled weaving maze.
I’ve found myself wanting more.
These feelings I cant ignore.
I said “Hey girl I’m falling for you
But I’m not quite sure what to do.”
You said “Hey boy can’t you see?
You’re the only one for me!”

And it seems like I’m so wrapped up
In the thought of you.
Now I know it’s true.
Track Name: Alone
I’ll hold you close to me
No matter how far you are from here.
I feel you near standing right next to me
But we cannot speak due to the miles in between.

Why oh why
Are you so far away?

It seems like the days have stretched into years.
Time has become one of my biggest fears.
I need you to venture back home.
I cannot spend all my days here alone.

Why oh why
Are you so far away?

Come home!
Track Name: Come To Me (Album Version)
I don’t know much about this world
But I know you and me were meant to be.
I know my words they don’t make much sense.
But when I’m with you I could sing the world into a trance.

So take me by the hand and we’ll be everything we can
And we’ll dance. My darling we will dance.
When you say you have to go I will shout and scream no!
And I will sing this only song I know.

Wont you please come to me.